Dominant Divas: The First African American All-female Riding Club in Lexington


As we cruise through Women’s History Month, why not do it on two, maybe three, wheels?! Introducing the Dominant Divas Motorcycle Club, founded on January 17, 2022 in Lexington, North Carolina by Faye Croven-Boger and Tammy Smith. 

These ladies are childhood friends who grew up in the city. This club is the first African American all-female riding club in the city of Lexington. Croven-Boger and Smith had plans for this club in the works for over four years, and they decided the time was now! 

Bike clubs have traditionally been male dominated, and normally the women are riding shotgun, but not the Dominant Divas! Motorcycle clubs are a culture all on their own and the individuality, freedom, and community set them apart from other clubs.

The mission of this club is to unite women of all races who share a love of motorcycles, or in some cases, slingshots, which are three wheeled motorcycles. 

The Dominant Divas want to encourage women to ride, and the hope is that the club will bring together women of all ages, all colors, and diverse backgrounds who not only share a love for riding but love for their community as well. You can find these women cruising in pink and purple! The purple was a soft touch and a reminder of Croven-Boger’s mom who passed away.

So, let’s meet the Divas! The aforementioned Croven-Boger and Smith are joined by Monique Ellison, Kelley Marshall, Daniel Norman, Jackie Everhart, and Rhonda Fink, all from Lexington. Also hailing from North Carolina, Teresa Hoover-Cade (Lenoir), Monecia Lehman and Cynthia Cook (both from Greensboro), Maggie Hicks-Burns (Winston-Salem), Angela Pittman (Durham), Janeen West and Shantae Kimbrough (Salisbury), and Alma Pinnix of (Burlington). The ladies’ ages range from 30 to 58 and they come from various backgrounds.

This group includes moms and grandmothers, sorority members, veterans, educators, medical specialists, a financial advisor, forklift operator, truck driver, a nurse, store owner, and supervisor. What do these ladies not do? And let’s not forget our future Dominant Divas Karizma Peoples (8), Caryann Polk (6), and Richlynn Kings (4). Including these young ladies allows them to witness and grow up in this positive culture … and maybe even carry the torch! This is why the name was chosen because these ladies exemplify excellence, education, class, and power! The Dominant Divas strive to be active in their community. They have adopted a highway and Fourth Street Park for their volunteer commitment. 

The club meets monthly and the fee is $20 per member. All one has to do is love sisterhood, community, and motorcycles to join! Croven-Boger noted that she wants to expand and open her club to women of all races, in all cities in North Carolina and adjacent states. If interested, the Dominant Divas are on Facebook and Instagram or simply reach out to Faye at


Lakisha Wiley is a resident of Durham, NC. 


Photos courtesy of Faye Croven-Boger

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