Women AdvaNCe Writers Retreats


Our Writers Retreats serve as a space for women to gather and learn from one another. For each retreat, we have a focus area like environmental justice or BIPOC issues.

For questions, please reach out to nicki@womenadvancenc.org or akerr@womenadvancenc.org.

Below is an example of a retreat we held for aspiring environmental justice writers. We came to the conclusion that many communities in North Carolina dealing with environmental justice issues had a lack of homegrown journalists or writers that could get the word out on the contamination they’re facing.

By training these writers in these communities, our hope was to encourage them to pitch local, state and national publications on issues their communities are facing. By encouraging local writers to step up to the plate, it helps the public to better understand the issues from a local perspective, versus an outsiders perspective (a journalist from outside the community who may not be well versed on the culture or history of that area).


Presented By: Southerly Magazine & Women AdvaNCe

Topics: Media insights + How to access public information + Pitching + Social Media

Space is limited to 15 storytellers (no previous publishing experience required)

$100 stipends will be paid to each participant

We are looking for aspiring social/ environmental justice writers in North Carolina. Please apply, if that is you


This event was made possible through support from the North Carolina Local News Lab.