Queens of Entrepreneurship

Queens of Entrepreneurship

Owning a business is not an easy task and is especially hard for Black business owners. I’ve noticed that Black businesses are failing in comparison to other businesses, especially since the onset of COVID-19. While this fact is disheartening, I am going to focus on the positives.

There are plenty of thriving businesses owned by Black women. I interviewed some powerful Black women who offer amazing products and services. These interviews were not only informative but they were also inspiring to anyone who may be looking into venturing into entrepreneurship.

Teneka Bryant is an entrepreneur who offers beautiful handcrafted work at Teneka’s World of Crafts. I have personally purchased a photo clock and a gift basket and both were great quality. With a sweet personality, Teneka was a pleasure to work with and she always tells her clients that if they are not satisfied, let her know and she will work with you until her products satisfy your standards. “I offer crafts such as photo clocks, door wreaths, ID badge holders, gift baskets and candy bouquets. I’ve recently added candy apples and chocolate-covered strawberries.” As to what was the most challenging part of being a business owner, she responded, “I’d say the hardest part about starting a business is the stress and worrying whether your business will succeed. It’s common to think that you won’t get back the money you put in. However, I’d say don’t worry, just go straight in with faith.” When it comes to the greatest reward in business ownership, Teneka says there is a sense of pride with owning something that is your own. “Something that you one day sat down and thought about and wrote it down. Then, it’s finally happening. You just have this I’m-so-proud-of-myself feeling inside. You are in charge; you get to make your own rules!” She offers this to aspiring entrepreneurs: “My advice to anyone who aspires to start her own business is to go for it!! Don’t look back, just make sure you have a good plan and just go for it.”

Jestina McArthur of Tina’s Professional Services, is an entrepreneur who offers resume assistance as well as credit repair services. I have worked with her to provide resume tips, and she is not only helpful but she is kind and patient throughout the process. “Currently, I offer Resume Builder with Free MOCK Interviews, credit repair assistance, assisting clients with credit repair and how to build credit. In the near future, I will offer notary services along with life insurance. I’m in the process of studying to be a life insurance agent.” The hardest part of venturing into business “was getting out of my comfort zone, just taking a chance and having faith. I already had clients because I have been doing this type of service at no cost for years, so that was a great blessing.” The most rewarding part of owning her business is client satisfaction. “One of the greatest rewards is the excitement I hear in my clients’ voices when they call me and say, ‘My credit score went up today’ or ‘I used all the tips you gave me for my interview, and it went well.’” Jestina’s motto is “My PASSION is helping others, my GOAL is to help you succeed.” She added, “As long as I can continue to do that for my clients, that will always be one of my biggest rewards.” Her advice for others trying to start their own business is to “always believe in faith. At first it can be intimidating, but if it’s your dream, go for it and don’t let anyone stop it. Don’t allow negative energy to distract you from your goal. There is always going to be one or two doubts about your potential. I had a few who underestimated how business-minded I am, however have now reached out to me for assistance. So Keep PUSHING, Keep DREAMING and Keep the FAITH. It will pay off and your business will grow and prosper.” If interested in Jestina’s services, reach out to her at tinasprofessionalservices@gmail.com.

Star Bryant assists with credit repair. She has helped many people better their credit and in turn they were able to purchase their dream homes and cars. Her business is “United Wealth Education,” also known as UWE. “I offer credit repair services and entrepreneurship opportunities to earn additional income to individuals and families. Our services offer a wide range of credit solutions to better credit scores and to become homeowners and gain financial freedom. We have been in business for over 16 years developing wealth and credit education from youth to adults.” For Star, the hardest part of entrepreneurship is developing clientele. “Getting your business out there can be trying but you have to stick with it for it to succeed. The most rewarding aspect of the credit repair business is seeing families and individuals becoming homeowners and having great credit scores. It feels great to see others happy and knowing I was able to help make that dream come true.” Her advice for anyone wanting to start her own business? Go for it! “Don’t give up on it just because it seems like it’s not moving. No one becomes rich overnight. If you have a business idea, just do it. Start putting those investments into that business and work it ‘til you are on top of the world. NEVER GIVE UP ON YOUR BUSINESS! Put your faith into your business and with time it will grow.”

Contact info: Website | 336-624-9912 | Instagram: credit_queen90

Entrepreneurship is not easy, but it is certainly rewarding as demonstrated by the young women interviewed. If you have the passion and desire, all of your business goals are within reach. The key to starting a business is to plan, prepare and stay consistent. Do your research, but do not let fear stop you from starting a business venture.


Jasmin Ikard resides in the RDU area.

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