Life Happens


I’m sure we’ve already heard the phrase before: There are two things in life that are certain – death and taxes. This is a point that can’t be argued nor altered by science.  While both are certain, there is one thing I would like to add to this undeniable declaration. No matter what: life happens.

Yes, life happens.

And it happens daily. From the time we wake up until the time we lay down. Even as we slumber, it continues to happen. 

As of now, you may be inclined to think that when I say life happens I’m referring to the fact that if we are breathing, we’re living.


While that’s true, life in that sense isn’t what I’m referencing. So, let me share what I mean by that statement. Here’s an example.

For most women, when we were younger we often dreamed of the life we would live when we got older. We’d go to college, get a good job, get married, have children, build a big house, have lots of money, drive a fancy car, etc. Because that’s what society was saying should happen, right? That’s how we achieved that American Dream life, right?

Well, we went to college, acquired debt and got a degree. However, when we graduated that big-time position wasn’t waiting for us. 

So, we found a job that paid the bills, fell in love with our significant other then got married. However, instead of that happily ever after that’s been promoted, some of us have found ourselves stuck in marriages we should’ve dissolved years ago and some of us are sorting through the aftermath of divorce. 

In the midst of all of this, we had some children.  But instead of life being the quiet smooth sailing ride that’s advertised, we find ourselves stressed, stretched thin and needing a break from raising little ones whom you’ve been charged to rear. 

Sound familiar?

Sounds like life happened.  And let me let you in on a little secret, no matter what you do, you can’t stop it.  Life is what you don’t see coming. It’s the speeding ticket. The broken heel on your shoe. The miscommunication with a friend. The busted pipe at the house. The keys left on the checkout counter and oversleeping. 

Life happens.

It’s the days when you wake up feeling blah. It’s the times you don’t feel like talking. It’s the moments when you don’t have the energy to entertain anyone gripes and complaints. It’s the days that feel never ending. It’s the times when you want to run away. It’s the moments that leave you feeling like you can’t take much more.

Life happens, but life also happens beautifully.

It’s the stranger paying for your meal anonymously. It’s the neighbor bringing you a thank you gift unexpectedly. It’s the friend calling to tell you how much you’re appreciated. It’s the stranger smiling on the street. It’s the neighbor rolling your trash to the curb for you. It’s the friend who shows up to surprise you at an event.

Yes, life happens that way too!

Life happening is all about our response. How we respond to situations we didn’t have a chance to analyze before they happened because we didn’t know they would happen. Life happens is about switching gears and not getting so bogged down in frustration that you can’t see a way out. Life happens is about embracing whatever is happening unexpectedly so you can move forward with purpose.

Life happens is about shedding tears, screaming sometimes (Hey, it’s necessary! A good scream never hurt anyone.), taking timeouts, sulking, not being okay and needing to talk with a therapist.

It’s also about seeing the beauty in the challenges, allowing your growth to be enforced in certain situations, going with the flow, viewing mishaps through a positive lens, learning to apologize and accept that everything will not line up with the plan you crafted for your life. And that too, is okay.

If you’re alive, life will happen.

Every single day.

How will you respond when it does?

Kassaundra Lockhart is a freelance writer.

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