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Tuesday August 10, 2021, in a shopping mall across from the Exclusive Kutz Barbershop and Dominos in Salisbury N.C.; Psi Chi Chapter of Chi Eta Phi Sorority, Inc. (Nursing Sorority) along with Beverly Kerr representing Communities Together collaborated on COVID-19 vaccination programs. 

The small but effective health fair focus was to allow individuals to get a Pfizer, Johnson and Johnson or Moderna Vaccine. And COVID-19 testing was available to the community.

This is not the first time the nurses teamed up with Communities Together to distribute information and talk about the importance of getting the vaccine, they also teamed up for the Juneteenth Celebration in downtown Salisbury.

Psi Chi Chapter nurses were set up next to the Old North State Medical Society (Charlotte, N.C.) who gave the vaccines and conducted COVID-19 testing. The nursing group is always making connections with those who help build the confidence in the community in taking preventive measures to get the vaccine protecting the health of individuals. 

The nurses locally continue to help strengthen, collaborate and cooperate with sharing facts about COVID-19 vaccines while at the same time performing blood pressure screenings and appropriately advising some individuals to see a primary care physician to discuss their health status. They also distribute information on heart health and diabetes along with facts of what people should know about COVID-19 vaccines.

It’s an ‘I care vaccination connection’. Beverly and the Psi Chi Nurses care and had several “Let’s talk about COVID -19” discussions. They’re not going to force the vaccine on anyone who doesn’t want it, just present facts from the CDC or Health and Human Services. Several individuals came to the tables bringing their kids for vaccines. At this time only children ages 12+ are eligible to get the vaccine. Some individuals still believe “I had Covid before and can’t catch it again” or “I had my vaccines. I can’t get COVID-19 or the Delta Variant.” Experts say if you get sick after vaccination with COVID, the vaccine helps to reduce the severity of the illness. You can visit this website or call the COVID-19 Vaccine Help Center toll-free at 888-675-4567. 

This is what connecting with communities together is all about. For the Psi Chi Chapter, its “Service for Humanity.”


Chi-Chi Ray-Leazer is the President (Basileus) of Psi Chi Chapter of Chi Eta Phi Sorority Inc.


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