Take Action: End the Period Product Tax

Period Products

North Carolina regards menstrual products as “luxury items” and “non-essential.” Our state is also one of 29 states that tax these products. Representative Julie von Haefen from Apex says “We’re only taxing half the population with these products. Males don’t have to buy them and we’re forced to buy them,” according to this article by Cardinal & Pine.

To fight this injustice, Representative Julie von Haefen introduced House Bill 595, a bill that if passed would lift the tax on these products. Another bill, Senate Bill 698 if passed would provide feminine hygiene products to those students who need them in North Carolina public schools.

Take action by finding out who your representatives are with this tool and letting them know how important HB 595 and SB 698 are.

To learn more check out the article by Cardinal & Pine, and a recent professional journalism article we published on the issue worldwide, available here.

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