AdvaNCe List: October 5 to 12th

Oct 5-12th

Misogyny, racism on full display in Kavanaugh confirmation process
With a president who’s been promising to overturn Roe v Wade and re-criminalize abortion since he started campaigning, those who believe in reproductive freedom are naturally skeptical that any nominee he chooses from his list.

Groups Move Ahead to Lift Restrictions on Local LBGTQ Protections
Civil-rights groups, including the American Civil Liberties Union and Lambda Legal, are setting their sights on local restrictions found in House Bill 142.

Could her death have been prevented? NC jails on track for deadliest year.
One woman’s story …

Enormous, aggressive mosquitoes swarm Florence-ravaged parts of NC

Amid post-Florence cleanup efforts in parts of North Carolina, some people are having to fend off swarms of large, aggressive mosquitoes up to four times the typical size in the wake of record flooding left behind from the Category 1 hurricane last month.

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