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AdvaNCe List: Oct. 12-18th

North Carolinians highlight struggles getting photo IDs ahead of amendment vote If Janice Franklin has an extra $10 to spare, she’s not thinking about using...[Read More]

AdvaNCe List: October 5 to 12th

Misogyny, racism on full display in Kavanaugh confirmation process With a president who’s been promising to overturn Roe v Wade and re-criminalize abortion since he...[Read More]

AdvaNCe List: September 7 to 13th

NC Board of Education and superintendent still clashing over who’s running schools Despite a court ruling and more legislative intervention, the State Board of Education...[Read More]

AdvaNCe List: August 17th to 23rd

NC just had another election law ruled unconstitutional, this time over ‘sore losers’ For the second time this month, a new state law targeting individual...[Read More]