AdvaNCe List July 12-18

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Civil rights group: NC death penalty cases rife with racial bias

Lawyers with a prominent national civil rights group told the state’s highest court Tuesday that four black death-row inmates deserve the opportunity to challenge their sentences after prosecutors systemically excluded black jurors from their cases.

Teens behind bars with grownups at Durham jail. Why some say change must come sooner

After 17 year old Niecey Fennell committed suicide at the Durham County Jail, advocates have gathered outside of the jail to shine light on why young people should not be in prisons with adults.

Charter school drops wording that said students couldn’t talk about being gay

A Wake Forest Charter school is under fire for using wording in the handbook that prohibited students from “promotion, affirmation or discussion” behaviors associated with sexual orientation or gender identity. Although the school has since then revised its handbook and explaining that it was a misinterpretation many are not buying the schools explanation.

New ‘finish line’ grants to help community college students graduate

Governor Cooper is setting aside $7 million for grants for community college students who experience financial hardships that may prevent them from graduating.

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