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Woman to Watch: Kim Chapman

  In the new year, many of us have set resolutions. Some of them are probably based on taking better care of our families, doing...[Read More]

Woman to Watch: Michelle Old

  Prior to 2013, Michelle Old always thought she would continue policy writing to stop violence against women. She didn’t think a cold warehouse full...[Read More]

Stop the Spread of Fake News

  >>Among other environmental concerns this year, we will also be facing a >> Velcro shortage . California’s Velcro crop has been suffering due to...[Read More]

What I’m Thankful For

>>   It’s November. The days are getting shorter. They should be getting colder. And chances are, smoke from the fires in the western part...[Read More]

How to Have a Good Halloween

>> Want to know how to make Halloween a treat? Be a good neighbor and mind your own business. That sounds, at first, like an...[Read More]

Voting Down the Ballot

>>Are you with her? Do you want to make America great again? Chances are those questions have been bombarding you every time you turn on...[Read More]