Why You Need to Celebrate Your Friendships


Maintaining friendships when you’re getting older is hard. This is what I noticed the moment my friend got married, as I noticed we didn’t meet up in person anymore and called/texted less. We hardly keep in touch.

Since I’m the only single person in my circle, I feel awkward to just ask friends out. I know they’re busy and always have something to do, either with their newborn baby or partner.

While it’s understandable that life can be busy, we need to remember that nurturing friendships is important, too. We can’t revolve our lives only around our romantic relationship(s).

Make time this spring to celebrate your friendships. Here are some reasons why: 

It can add something new to your life

When you’ve been hanging out with your kids and partner(s) all the time, it’s easy to think that that’s what life is all about – but there’s more. Your friendships are just as important.

When you celebrate them at least once a year, it’ll give you a break from the monotony of a daily routine. This can recharge you, which may help you love your family better after.

You won’t feel alone when dealing with tough situations

Celebrating your friends can help you release the stress you’ve been dealing with. Your friends can be a source of support you thought you never needed.

This one reason is why I always make time to reach out to friends and maintain my friendships. Nothing feels worse than having problems but having no one you can go to about them.

Strong friendships add more meaning to your life

It’s no secret that your relationships with other humans are what makes life more meaningful. Not just romantically, but strong friendships can make you a happier person.

First, they remind you that you aren’t alone, and second, you feel your purpose and value as a person who’s there for others when they need support.

Here are some ideas on how to celebrate your friendships:

Send thoughtful gifts to each other

You don’t need to give your friends expensive gifts. Most times, people appreciate the gesture more than the actual gift. This can strengthen your relationships over time.

Some examples include scented candles, cute scarves, a gift card to a spa, a cozy sweater, or a new journal. Make sure you put a nice note inside the box, too.

Meet up for a book reading club at the park

This is what my friends and I did last year to celebrate our friendships. We didn’t go to a fancy restaurant or salon (although that’d be nice, too). If you and your friends like reading books, try to spare one day this month to read or discuss a book together. Think of it as a little picnic for just you and your friend.

Some book recommendations include “We Are The Light,” “Becoming,” and “More Than Enough: Claiming Space for Who You Are.” We women sometimes underestimate how powerful we are, and these books can remind us of that.

Go to the theater or host a movie night at home

Nothing feels better than going out with your friends for a movie night. If that’s not possible or you’d prefer a night in, you can host it at your house instead. Watching your favorite movies (or series) together at home can be so relaxing. For extra fun, you can tack on other activities, too, such as baking cookies or painting each other’s nails.

Send a personalized voice note to each of your friends

One of my best friends happens to live in Melbourne, thousands of miles away from where I live. So, every year, I send a voice note telling her how grateful I am to have her in my life.

While this may seem insignificant, it’s a meaningful way for us to reconnect and nurture the friendship. It makes her feel appreciated and seen.

Reconnect through a video call for an hour or so

Your schedule might be too full for anything new right now, so try something that doesn’t take as much time or effort, such as a video call. I’ve found it helps to block an hour on my calendar and stick to it.

Sometimes people don’t take a call like this seriously, but I encourage you to go for it like you would with any other important task. If you have multiple friends, you can schedule multiple calls (or even a group call).

Make an appointment for a manicure/pedicure day

This is my favorite thing to do to celebrate my friendships. It’s a two-in-one: You get to relax and catch up with your best friends at the same time.

The best thing about this activity is some salons will give you a discount if you go in a group. I also avoid going on the weekends and always book in advance.

Send them a bouquet of flowers 

Sending flowers to your friend’s house is probably the most heartwarming thing you can do. Now is the perfect time to show love to your best friends. Most women love flowers and will happily receive some from you.

In Conclusion

Maria Shriver said it best: “When the world is so complicated, the simple gift of friendship is within all of our hands.”

Being a woman is hard, and sometimes we aren’t appreciated enough. In the wake of this, having each other’s support is the best thing you can do. I encourage you to take time today to celebrate your friendships – it’s always worth it.


Anggun Bawinur is a mental health and relationships writer from Vancouver, Canada. She loves hiking and bullet journaling in her free time.

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