Purchasing Birth Control Online Provides Discreet Options for Women

Purchasing Birth Control Online Provides Discreet Options for Women

With the government’s continued desire to control women’s bodies, access to certain options such as birth control may seem inaccessible. However, a recent search has confirmed there are multiple websites available where it can be purchased online.

Due to a variety of reasons, there are many women who wish to remain “anonymous” when purchasing birth control. Some prefer others to not know their sexually active. Some prefer others to not know they’re considering becoming sexually active. Some have religious reasons for wanting to be discreet. Whatever the reasoning is, there are ways for women to secure what they need to provide themselves with the best protection going forward.

The ability to buy online also is convenient for women who may live in areas where there’s limited access to doctors or healthcare facilities.

Here are a few options for purchasing birth control online:

Nurx offers various birth control ordering options, services and tests. It can help a person get a prescription at an additional cost.

Buyers with or without insurance can purchase. With an approved insurance plan, a person may get their birth control for free. Without insurance, a person pays $15 dollars. Nurx offer free shipping in discreet packaging.

Birth control options include the the pill, the shot, the ring, the patch and the morning after. Before an order can be placed, there is a $20 cost for a medical consultation. After a person submits their health history, a medical provider will review and write a prescription. Once the company approves this, a person can order a single delivery or sign up for automatic refills.

Hers only offers a variety of pills for purchase. The plans start at $12 per month, regardless of whether a person has insurance.

A free medical consultation is required via filling out a questionnaire. Customers need approval from an online Hers doctor before advancing to order placement. There is no cost for shipping.

SimpleHealth provides the ring, patch, and pill. The medical consult is $20 and will be reviewed by a doctor who will write the presecription.

Their website states that with most insurance, birth control is $0. For those without insurance, the cost starts at $15. SimpleHealth states they’ll help you find a method that fits your budget.

It allows for automatic renewals every 3 months and offers free shipping.

Wisp offers an additional option for buyers: the ability to pick up their prescription at a pharmacy. This is a convenience for those who may need their birth control immediately. For those who prefer shipping, its offered for free with automatic refills.

The company offers various forms of pills. There is a consultation fee. Payment options begin at $5/monthly.

Favor Pill sells more than 100 brands of birth control pills and vaginal rings. To receive your preferred option, fill out a form to be reviewed by Favor’s medical team before a prescription is issued. The company also provides access to ongoing care from its medical team.

With insurance, the birth control may be free. Without, the cost begins at $6.99/monthly. There is no cost for shipping.

If you have a medical provider, it’s always best to consult with them before beginning birth control even if you utilize the online option.


Kassaundra Shanette Lockhart is a freelance writer.


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