Give Me My Money — I Demand Equal Pay!

Native Womens Equal Pay Day

Women do not have equal opportunity to financial success due to workplace discrimination. In fact, Native women lose out on $1,035,360 over the course of their careers. On #NativeWomensEqualPay Day, we are calling for equal opportunity regardless of gender or race!

In North Carolina, we are home to the largest Native American population on the east coast. Many Native women in this state are impacted by the wage gap. Did you know Native women in North Carolina working full-time, year-round are paid $19,221 less than White males?

Charly who works with us at Women Advance created a short video to tell you more about what Equal Pay Day means to her!

Charly Lowry is a Lumbee/Tuscarora artivist (artist & activist) who uses her music and art to raise awareness about issues plaguing Indigenous communities throughout North Carolina.

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