Are You Feeding Your Ears Noise or Nutrition?

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Music is played and used for a variety of reasons, including enjoyment and making a silent room feel full with selected tunes. Whether or not we are actually listening to the words in the songs or tuning them out, we are all affected by the music we hear on a daily basis. The music playing while shopping, the loud bass of a song you hear in a car at the gas station, or the music you decided to listen to on the radio have an energy and emotional effect on you. 

Music is used as a space filler and icebreaker. It creates the mood and atmosphere of an environment. The person in charge of selecting the song playlist for a group of people has a big responsibility. Even if you are not paying attention to the lyrics and the music is background noise, the lyrics of the songs are still being processed by your brain. The energy of the songs are still being digested even if you are not fully aware.

In many restaurants and stores, a playlist can be played repeatedly. The repetition has an effect on your spirit. Even if you do not particularly like a certain song, if you hear it over and over, your system still processes it. Even if at first you are not a fan of a song, you might find yourself singing along in your head later in the day. You may not even realize what a song is talking about. We sometimes are not aware of the context and true lyrics of a song; at times it can be subjective.

Not knowing a musician personally and only knowing and connecting to their music can create false feelings and expectations of who you think they really are; even though most of the time an artist’s music is a reflection of who they are. It is important to keep in mind that they too are living the human experience, and should not be subjected to all of our expectations. 

We are all human and should be mindful of what we feed our ears, because that influences our spirit. It affects our mood and can either elevate our day or push us into a negative abyss. Music is powerful and plays a part in everything we do in life. That’s why it’s so important to be a little selective of your tunes. Music that talks about violence can influence us, and make us feel confrontational or full of angst. While music like healing tones or songs for meditation can help calm and center us. 

There is so much great music in the world and so many platforms we can use to find it. You do not have to settle for playlist’s that are created for the masses. Listen to music that uplifts you and makes you feel good. Pay attention to how you feel when you listen to certain songs and artists. Your ears will enjoy music that feeds your soul instead of noise that disturbs it and lowers your vibration.


Baleigh Johnson has a degree in Journalism Mass Communication from North Carolina Central University. She has experience in editing, writing, and coming up with creative ideas for stories and projects.

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