#BoycottNike? Nah


I said I wasn’t going to write about it because I have discussed this topic more times than I can count. And I arrived at the point long ago where I am convinced that people are going to either accept the truth or they are going to spend the majority of their time redirecting it to fit their “cozy” narrative.

When Nike debuted their new face of their 30th Anniversary, “Just Do It” campaign this week, the internet nearly exploded. Half rejoicing. And the other half in a full blown tizzy.

It was comical.

Folks burning sneakers and apparel that they have already paid for. Folks posting numbers to the Nike hotline so they could call and complain to the automated system. Folks equating what Nike did to treason.

Still, I had no plans to address it, publicly. I had no plans to create a status about it. No plans to have a discussion. No plans to write this post. Until I saw a particular status that lauded the most asinine remark about Colin Rand Kaepernick that I had ever seen…

“…this man has done more to DIVIDE our country than any traitor in history.”





Say what now?!

Did I just read that right? Kap has done more to divide us than anyone, IN HISTORY?

Not those who owned plantations.
Not members of the government.
Not hate groups.
Not the alt-right.
Not racists who pitched a tent of comfort during President Obama’s eight years.
Not the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
But Colin Rand Kaepernick.
Excuse me while I chuckle.
This is truly comical.

However, as soon as I stop laughing I am reminded how sad it truly is. We live in a time where people are more concerned about a flag than the people who fight for it. We live in a time where people are more concerned about folks taking a knee than the people who sacrificed their knees for their freedom. We live in a time where people are more concerned about controlling the who, what, when and how more than the why.

And I thought I was over it, as far as addressing it goes, until I read that status. And it reminded me that even when I desire to remain quiet because I feel like my vocal thoughts will fall on deaf ears that I have an obligation to speak up and demand to be heard. While my words may not resonate, they will know that I will not be silent just because they want me to be.

You see, I ain’t going nowhere and we, as in black people, ain’t going nowhere either.

Want to know why? Cause believe it or not, black people are the most patriotic folks on this Earth.

Yes, you read that right and I will say it again – black people are the most patriotic folks on this Earth. And it has nothing to do with the colors red, white and blue, an anthem or stars and stripes.

We were brought here.

Against our will.


Yet, 4oo plus years later, we are still willing to stand on the front lines and fight for rights that we were “promised” over a century ago.

We are still marching.
We are still protesting.
We are still voting.
We are still bucking the system.
We are still serving.
We are still fighting.
In a country and for a country that put a system into place before we were “free” to ensure that most of us would never experience true freedom in our lifetime.

We are fighting wars abroad when there are wars to fight at home.
We are wearing uniforms to protect and serve.
We are running in burning buildings to ensure others safety.
We are having conversations to spark change.
We are seeking inclusion in government to have a voice at the table.
We are uniting because deep down we know we are stronger together than apart.

So if you are mad now, just stay right there.

This revolution will be televised, streamed and recorded.

You ain’t seen nothing yet.


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