Our Gift to 2018


Editor’s Note: We invite you to share with us your gift to 2018. We’d love to publish it in this post as a dynamic documentation of what we as women have to contribute to the state.


My gift to 2018 is launching Bold & Bright Media, a new publishing venture with my badass friend Kivi Leroux Miller. We came up with the idea while sitting on her back porch and listening to Dave Matthews Band. I felt like the woman living in a drab world— that DMB describes in their hit song “Grey Street.” Our writer-centered book publishing company is dedicated to nonprofit guides for those who need a quick “How to!” We’re excited about helping others share their stories and revolutionizing the book industry. Together, we are going to make 2018 #boldandbright!   

Antoinette Kerr


My gift to 2018 is more presence.  Instead of trying to be involved in so many things and overwhelmed by all there is to do, I will whittle down my list and focus on the things that most stir my heart and my passions. To these things I will bring my full commitment and presence.

Kim Pevia


In 2018 I will continue to push through and make my life one of sustainability and encouragement of others. I want my daughters to learn to be strong for themselves and others. This world can reach its potential of peace with women at the helm.

NaShonda Cooke


My gift to 2018 is to give humanity the benefit of the doubt. I’ve learned time and time again that people deliver what you expect of them. I believe as a whole we are better than this. We are better than hatred, and vitriol, and anger. We generally want our fellow citizens to have access to opportunity. In 2018 my gift is this assumption and my prayer is that my fellow citizens do not disappoint.

Stephanie Carson


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  1. Roberta Madden

    My gift to 2018 is to exert all my energy toward ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment. Until the ERA becomes part of the US Constitution, women will continue to lack basic protection of our rights. First, we must increase awareness of the need for equality, since 80 percent of Americans think we already have this constitutional protection. Once more people become aware, they will urge legislators to ratify the ERA. Only two more states are needed, since Nevada ratified it in March of this year. Please join the ERA-NC Alliance and check with RATIFY ERA-NC for more information.

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