Rome Won’t Burn


I live and breath the news. I have since I was 13. It lead me to working in a newsroom for 15 years where the squelch of the scanners and drone of CNN was comforting white noise. Even now I keep NPR on at home all day long while I work.

So for the last week, I gave myself permission to not know what was going on. Yes, I know, while my head was buried in the sand (or snow in my case being a ski bum), the tax bill was passed that leaves my family on the wrong side of things. I heard some murmur today that Trump was spewing his vitriol from Twitter some time on Christmas Eve, and I’m sure there are more events I’m still blissfully unaware of.

It took me a day or two to be okay with not hearing the damned overused breaking news stinger on CNN, but what I received in return was a revelation of sorts. The time away from the news was necessary and what I got in return was giggles with my girls, memories with my husband and a weight lifted off my shoulders.

Yes, I know, we all must engage in fighting the good fight, and going beyond the vote, and we must in 2018. But restoration fuels power and setting the weight of the world on a shelf for even just a minute, has made me more determined to take it on in 2018.

So my challenge for you is to take a day or three or five as we approach the new year, and step away from the news alerts on your phone, the intentional discussion on NPR, and political lamentations with your friends. Have confidence that Rome will not burn if we avert our eyes for just a moment. While you take a moment, the rest of us have got this.

After you’re restored, face 2018 head on with the rest of us.

Beyond taking a sabbatical, reconsider how much you expose yourself to the 24 hours news cycle. I did some research and experts recommend you consider the following limitations:

  • Check in on what’s happening during specific times of the day. Consider a morning and afternoon check in, versus engaging every time POTUS tweets.
  • Look for good news. What is right in the world? The current climate has inspired some wonderful human activity.
  • Read fiction. A good story is a great break from reality, and can sometimes provide perspective you didn’t have before.
  • Put pen to paper. Consider writing a blog post for a site like Women AdvaNCe. Climb on your soapbox, put your thoughts down, and move on with life. Empower yourself with the idea that sharing your ideas on a topic is one way to do your part to shape public dialogue.


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