Ways to Eat Healthy This Summer


By >> Sh Landa Burton,  Degreed Food and Nutrition Education Specialist & Certified Diabetes Peer Educator

Working in my community and teaching healthy tips to families on a budget is one of my goals and objectives.  Busy families demand easy, healthy meal preparation ideas, and they want tips to save money.  I use these tips myself, so I know they work.  I teach my clients how to incorporate these principles in their daily lives in practical ways for themselves, and their families are critical to living a balanced and healthy lifestyle.  We all know the importance, and role food, nutrition, and water have in our lives.  These tips can save you time and money this summer. 


  1. Farmers Markets and Free-Standing Farms are one of the best options to cut costs and get educated about the foods you choose to feed your family.  Talk to your local farmer.  Many farmers are eager to give you information on how they grow their fruits, vegetables, break down ingredients in baked goods and explain what they feed and how they raise their animals.  The prices are very affordable, usually less expensive than grocery stores and sometimes less than discount stores.  Some farmers markets are year around, while others are open in the early spring and close early fall.  You can also get connected and find local food co-ops to save more, as well.


  1. Timing is everything in grocery stores.  When you grocery shop, be prepared to go as early in the morning as possible for reduced prices.  Many stores reduce the prices of produce, bakery items, and meats by selling in bulk and or the pull by dates. Store managers at Lowes Foods were especially helpful and had a great selection of fruits and vegetables daily.  Walmart Stores, usually have their items reduced by the third shift and are ready for purchase first thing in the a.m. as well. Call and ask your local store manager about their process.


  1. Shop at discount grocery stores, such as Aldi’s or Lidl.  More and more of the bargain stores are popping up.  The convenience, price, freshness, and quality is worth bagging your own and getting a quarterback for returning the cart. These stores offer fresh fruit and vegetables and meats that give shoppers choices on both organic and conventional foods.


  1. Drink water; it will save you more than money.  Give your body and your organs the hydration it craves, and help you beat the heat. Adding a variety of fruits, vegetables and herbs make it more appealing. Water can help you keep a healthy weight.  Your kids are watching what you drink as well.  So, be the positive example, when at outdoor events. Teach children to take and use a reusable water bottle with their outdoor events. Show them how to make smart choices with their drinks.


  1. Summer is a great time to try new recipes especially desserts.  Instead of heating up the kitchen for pies and cupcakes, try grilling your favorite fruit.  Fruit tastes great grilled! Try thick pineapple slices, strawberries, and peaches (brush with a little coconut oil to prevent sticking) and put on a skewer. 


These are some very simple tips and ways to keep your life balanced with fruit, veggies, and water in your everyday lives. Have fun this summer create and learn healthy habits for you and your family to eat smart on a budget.  Feel free to reach out to me for more information on food and nutrition group education classes and for speaking engagements.  Eat and drink, in excellent health!

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