Channel Your Inner Mrs. Claus This Holiday


>>5251463805_4891916033_zBy Glynis Bell

I recently >>viewed a commercial that was titled that best holiday ad ever and after watching it several times and sharing it with friends, I too may have to agree.  Let me try and paint a picture for you:

In a nutshell; Ole Saint Nick is preparing to head on Christmas Eve with Rudolph leading the pack to do what he does best; make Christmas wishes come true for folk all over the world!  Dear Mrs. Claus was at his side, helping him with last minute details and reminding him not to forget Australia this year.  Mrs. Claus the stickler to details she is, did a last minute check for North Pole mail and finds a letter with one last request from a brother for his sister.  The letter details that the brother had destroyed something that was very special to his sister and she was not happy with him.  His request was that Santa bring a replacement and to make it up to his sister.  Santa and the gang were sky bound when Mrs. Claus found this last minute request and knew that she was going to have to make it happen!

She set out with a plan with the quickness of lightning.  She checked her state of the art GPS system, dressed in a designer ensemble, slaying all the way.  She starts up the latest model of heli-crafts and climbed into the driver’s seat.  She was headed out on her own Christmas Eve adventure!

With a plan in place, clear directions to follow, equipment to succeed and the perfect gift for the sister in tow, she accomplished the task with stealth precision. All along with eating the goodies left for Santa and hushing the family dog as to not disturb the household.  She’s a smart cookie!

She returns promptly to the North Pole, parks her ride in the hidden garage, places a gift under the tree for her hubby and settles in on the couch where it appears that she’s been sleeping soundly all night.  

Santa returns from his trip around the world, kisses Mrs. Claus on the forehead and ask her how her night was, “Quiet” she replied with a smile while hiding the last piece of evidence from her adventure.

Oh what a night and oh what a cool, smart and resourceful chick Mrs. Claus is!  Here’s what I got from that wonderful commercial.

  1. Never underestimate a woman’s strength, power, and determination when called to a task that she sets out to accomplish.
  2. She completed the task on time, with grace, precision and compassion.
  3. She had everything she needed in her own tool box to get the job done right!
  4. She knew that by completing the task she would make Mr. Claus look like a rock star, but all along she knew the worth of her contribution without getting the credit.  

What task have we faced in 2016 that we had to channel our own inner strength?  We as women must know our own worth and that our contributions to work, family and community are necessary and needed for the greater good and that we have the tools that we need to get the job done…right!  Hop your own sled and fly off into the sky saying Peace to all and to all a good night!  

Best wishes for a powerful holiday season and New Year!

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