The Heavy Truth on Obesity


>>11834504_3cc3c49559_zBy ShLanda Burton

The New Year is fast approaching.  Many people are once again scrambling to find the next “quick fix” to resolve their weight problems and health issues.  I am not knocking the hustle of teas, shakes, pills or potions, but as a licensed, degreed, nutrition consultant , and diabetes educator my obligation is educate people in food, nutrition and dietetics, ethically.  My entire career in the food, nutrition and dietetics industry has come full circle in just 3 short years.  I was a severely obese (320lbs), and at risk for future health complications including diabetes. In recent years I have reversed my health and  I am compelled to help other women and families do the same.

A recent >>U.S. Department of of Health and Human Services Office Minority Health report , states that over 80% of African American Women have the highest rates of being overweight or obese. This means  four out of five black women  are overweight, putting them at risk for Diabetes, Heart Disease, and Stroke.  One in three are pre-diabetic, which is a condition of health that can be reversed with nutrition education.

My passion, education, and life work has allowed me to create a program that is affordable and individualized, to provide customized nutrition education consultations with support options for men, women and children.  Teaching families nutrition education to prevent and support health conditions is an educational  investment everyone needs to make.  We all have a right to be healthy, free from pain, and educated on what we eat , drink and put in our bodies.   I help people think about how food affects the mental, physical and emotional health.  Educating children on the foods they are consuming is critical, as I see the rise of Diabetes Type II increasing  in the youth in elementary and middle schools across North Carolina. I can’t help but ask, when are African American/Black Women and their families going to take their health epidemic  of obesity and diabetes seriously?

Many people are void of essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals.  Taste preferences and palettes have been completely distorted  by lack of nutrition education in foods.  I broke myself from obesity, bad food  and nutrition habits and resolved to reversed the course of prediabetes for myself and others.  Now, I am on am mission to help many other people that want to learn how to help themselves, their families and children.  The importance of educating and mentally preparing and elevating your self-esteem, and your spirit, so you can live to reveal your best and healthy self is critical.

As an African American/Native American Nutritionist,  I have been given a unique opportunity to develop an easy, customized meal planning program that works for anyone that wants to get weight off and learn how  to keep it from coming back for good.  January 2017, I will be hosting a Nutrition Boot Camp in Greensboro, North Carolina.  In the meantime, invest in your health by spending time paying attention to some very important tips this holiday season.  These have worked for me and they may help you as well:

  •          Talk to a Licensed Nutritionist or Registered Dietitian Professional.  They are trained and educated to assist with food and nutrition education and eating behavior issues.
  •          Eat a good meal and drink plenty of water, before you go to parties and holiday functions.  That way you are less likely to overindulge on sweets and sugary foods when you see them. Half the battle to get through the holidays is mind over matter.
  •          Remember to talk always talk to your Medical Doctor before you start any nutrition program.  

The holiday is the easiest time to over indulge due to emotions or stress.  Pay attention to your eating habits and your stress levels. Take care of your body and eat well!

ShLanda Burton, Licensed Degreed, Nutritionist, Diabetes Peer Educator , Weight loss Expert

Balanced By Burton, Clemmons NC

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