Pence-ive Thoughts on an Ice Cream Sundae



The political landscape that will be the 2016 Presidential Campaign is a little more clear now that the presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump has chosen his running mate. Indiana Governor Mike Pence got the “You’re hired” nod from the former “Apprentice” host … or the final rose – depending on what your brand of reality show is.

For me – the name “Mike Pence” evoked no strong emotions. It was like hearing Trump liked vanilla ice cream instead of the faddish salted caramel. That was until I learned more about Governor Pence and the secret ingredients that make up his brand of vanilla.

Remember the Disney film Mulan? Pence >>wrote an op-ed that argued the cartoon was liberal propaganda to encourage a debate over women serving in the military.

>>Here’s another one. As Governor, Pence has endorsed conservative legislation on abortion in his state. Specifically he signed one of the nation’s most stringent laws on abortion, banning the procedure on fetuses diagnosed with Down syndrome or any other disability. (A judge has since struck down portions of the law and the Indiana ACLU is challenging other provisions.) While in Congress, he attempted to shut down the government over Planned Parenthood funding.

It’s your decision to make at the ballot box in November – but it’s worth noting the Presidential candidate who has a professional track record of misogynistic comments and actions chose a running mate with a legislative track record to match.

As a woman, it’s disappointing to me that these two men with a history of sexist behavior and policy even have a snow balls chance of making it to the White House. I know conservatives had more qualified candidates that more accurately and fairly represented the ideals of their party.

Beyond that, if you’re thinking – “who cares? Trump doesn’t have my vote anyway.” Fair point – but what if that vanilla ice cream with sprinkles of racism, hot fudge of hate and a sexist cherry on top makes it to the White House? It’s a reason as women to get engaged in the political process and encourage our friends and neighbors to do the same. 

Ask questions of local and national candidates about where they stand when it comes to issues that impact women. Health care, education, business development, equal pay … matters at every level of government. As for my ice cream flavor, I’m going for Ben and Jerry’s Empower Mint.


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