North Carolina Women: Let’s Vote Together in 2016

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Women AdvaNCe is excited to launch our VOTE TOGETHER 2016  pledge drive.  We’re working to generate momentum for 2016 elections by asking all NC women to pledge to vote.  By signing a >>printable paper pledge card or an online pledge card , you can stay connected with Women AdvaNCe.  You will receive information about the issues affecting you and your family.  You will have access to tools that will help you navigate the voting process.  And we’ll remind you to vote.

Did you know that during presidential election years, nearly 1 million registered women voters in North Carolina fail to cast ballots?  During “off year” elections, that number nearly doubles. 2016 is an “presidential” election, but we can’t afford for women to stay home on election day.  If we want to see progress on issues like education, healthcare and jobs, we’re going to have to show up together and vote.

Many women decide not to vote because they feel like their single vote doesn’t make a difference.  As a group, women make up 54% of voters in North Carolina. By voting together, it’s easier to feel the impact of our numbers. Together, we’re going to help North Carolina women make our 54% count!

The success of the Vote Together 2016 pledge drive depends on each of us.  Help bring new women into this statewide community of informed women voters.  Start by making the pledge yourself.  Then, think about how you can help others make the pledge.  You might set a monthly goal of reaching between 5 and 10 women each month in 2016.  As you work to help women in your community make the pledge, know that your individual effort is being multiplied by the efforts of other volunteers across North Carolina. 

Two ways to make the pledge:

  1. Share the online pledge form with everyone on your e-mail contact list and in your social media network.
  2. >>Print pledge cards and carry them with you in a folder or on a clipboard, anywhere you go.  These pledge cards will be an easy, non-partisan conversation starter to help women all over our state make a priority of voting in 2014 and for years to come.

Help women in your community make the pledge :

  1. Start with your friends and family.
  2. Connect with your women’s groups: book clubs, craft clubs, etc.
  3. Host a pledge drive at your church or temple.
  4. Host a pledge drive at your local library or community center.
  5. Carry pledge cards with you to soccer games, PTA meetings, exercise classes, the coffee shop, etc.

Remember, women can make a difference in North Carolina.  We have the numbers to create change in this state. Together, we can build this statewide community of women who stay informed together and make voting a priority. 


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