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Women are 54% of voters in North Carolina.  

Let’s vote together and make our numbers count!  

Set your monthly >>pledge drive goal today and get started.  Below are just a few suggestions for extending your reach within your own community.  Remember, women across our state are taking part in this exciting initiative.  Together, we can quickly expand this statewide network of informed women voters in North Carolina.

Making Connections Worksheet

STEP ONE:  Start by asking your family and close friends to join you in pledging to vote in 2016.

STEP TWO:  Reach out to the contacts you have in your community.

  • Volunteer Groups
  • Political Groups
  • Religious Groups

STEP THREE: Ask your business-related contacts.

  • Current and former co-workers
  • Business Associations
  • Your hair salon
  • Your realtor
  • Your dentist’s office
  • Women at your local gym

 STEP FOUR:  Include women you know through kid connections.

  • Sports Teams
  • Parent Groups
  • Carpools

STEP FIVE: Seek out people in your education community.

  • Teachers
  • Alumni groups
  • Classmates

 STEP SIX: Find unexpected opportunities to share this pledge drive.

  • Waiting in line with others.
  • Servers and clerks.

STEP SEVEN: Host A Community Pledge Drive

  • Find a busy location in your community where you can offer pledge cards.  Set up an information table or stand with a clipboard at a local library or community event.

Thank you for making progress a top priority for 2014.  Invite your friends to join this effort.  Let’s make a difference for women and families in North Carolina, together!



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