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She’s a Dreamer

During the second semester of 2014, I received a call from a student asking specific details about our affordable housing programs. In particular, the young...[Read More]

March on the World

How many miles have you put on your shoes since last year’s Women’s March? I walked more than 17,000 steps in D.C. on that day,...[Read More]

My Daughter’s Self Image

My first childbirth experience was one that I was determined to go as smooth as possible, but I knew to be realistic. I knew it...[Read More]

Lines in the Sand

Last year was the year when lines were drawn in the sand. There were the Trump and Never-Trumpers, there was Black Lives Matter and Blue...[Read More]

Rome Won’t Burn

I live and breath the news. I have since I was 13. It lead me to working in a newsroom for 15 years where the...[Read More]

Meaning of Kwanzaa

No, Kwanzaa is not the Black Christmas, Black Hanukkah, or an African holiday.   Despite the popular media portrayal of Kwanzaa as simply the third...[Read More]

Your Presence is a Present

By Amy Cheney I’m really good at falling into holes. Seriously, that’s my Minecraft superpower! I land under the ground and can’t find my way...[Read More]

YES, You Are a Writer

Listen to the Writer’s Collective Informational Call by Clicking on THIS LINK.   For years I refused to label myself a “writer.” But I knew...[Read More]

Tis the Season for Thankfulness

What are you thankful for? It’s the age-old question many of us offer up around the Thanksgiving table each year. Occasionally something big will have...[Read More]