Happy Veterans Day

Happy Veterans Day

November 11th, the anniversary of the end of the Great War or WWI or as we know it. Veterans Day holiday honors both men and women who have served in the U.S. armed forces. I have many family members and a few friends that I personally thank for their sacrifices. Both of my grandfathers, my father, my father in-law,  an uncle, an aunt, a handful of cousins, my younger sister, my brother in-law and my husband have all served. Through their experiences and sacrifices they have done so much to protect our freedom — our way of life. 

Hearing their stories of when they enlisted ,I noted that there were some subtle differences between my male family members versus my female family members. Women veterans have important and powerful experiences, their sacrifices and experiences are inspiring as their representation matters. One inspiring veteran that I’ve had the pleasure of meeting is, Major Krista D. Bordatto of Wake County. I met Major Bordatto in 2016 through her side job in photography. She and I connected when we booked her for our newborn photoshoot. She is a beautiful person inside and out and outside of being a Vet she is a wife and mother and has made great strides throughout her enlistment and even after retiring.

She enlisted in the Army in 2008 and retired in 2010 as a Senior logistics officer. Her focus when she enlisted was a paralegal specialist. She earned her law degree from St. Thomas University College of Law. Major Bordatto most recently goes by Professor Bordatto in her new role at Campbell Law School where she teaches Legal Research and Writing. “I’m proud to have served and thankful for the opportunities I had because of the women before me. It meant a lot to me to have been a senior female in a male dominated organization. There have been a ton of improvements over the years, but there is still a lot of work to do for equality,” says Bordatto. 

Did you know

  • Women veterans often do not self-identify as veterans. 
  • Women are the fastest growing group of veterans. 
  • Women have served in the armed forces since the American Revolution, but they weren’t officially recognized as permanent members until 1948.
  • Women veterans are twice as likely than men to develop PTSD.
  • 1 in 4 women veterans have reported experiencing MST (Military Sexual Trauma).

Professor Bordatto writes on military topics. Her publications include: “Hiding Under the Cloak of the Feres Doctrine: Military Sexual Assault Victims without Justice.” 

“The Crime Behind the Bedroom Door: Unequal Governmental Regulation Between Civilian and Military Spouses” and “Long-Term Care Insurance: A Life Raft for Baby Boomers.”

Thank you to MAJ Professor Bordatto, my aunt, my sister and female friends and all women veterans that have come before you and those currently serving. It is through your sacrifice, your challenges and your victories that you all are able to inspire both in service and out. Your representation and service matters to our country, we honor and respect you. 


Cassie Brenker is a wife, mother and friend. She is a freelance writer and has also worked in the customer service industry for 10 years. She is a strong believer in live and let live, and believes the world could benefit from a huge dose of kindness. 

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