“Sordid Lives” Director & Cast Members Held Fundraiser in Lexington


On Feb. 12, director Del Shores and three cast members from “Sordid Lives,” a popular LGBTQIA+ stage play and cult classic film, headed to Lexington, NC all the way from Palm Springs, CA for a fundraiser. Here’s more info from the press release on the event:

Event details

The fundraiser was hosted at Edward C. Smith Civic Center on 217 S. Main Street in Lexington. It had three main parts: a VIP reception, a Q&A session, and a showing of the movie. The VIP reception (where fans met the cast and took pictures) was at 5:30 p.m. and the screening was at 7 p.m. A Q&A closed out the event.

The three cast members that attended with Shores were Newell Alexander, Rosemary Alexander, and Ann Walker, who played Wardell “Bubba” Owens, Dr. Eve Bolinger, and LaVonda Dupree, respectively. As noted below, they were also a part of the original production!

Fundraiser details

This event was a fundraiser for PFLAG Lexington, an organization supporting and educating the LGBTQIA+ community’s family and allies, and Lexington Live Theatre, an organization that educates, entertains, and unites the diverse community through performing arts.

PFLAG Lexington will use their part of the proceeds to fund three annual college scholarships, establish a lending library of educational resources, and promote more events that bring awareness, education, and community to LGBTQIA+ people as well as their friends and family. One of the scholarships is in the name and in memory of Adam Everhart, a brave and loving gay man and brother of Daniel Everhart, who hosted the event who works with PFLAG Lexington.

The theatre will use their portion of the funds to continue hosting live theatrical events and promoting cultural arts offerings that reflect the community’s diversity.

As you may know, these causes are extremely important. LGBTQIA+ education and support is crucial for mental health, as is the theater. And not only for those who are directly impacted or involved, but for all community members, too.

‘Sordid Lives’ details

If you haven’t heard of the movie — which is based on the play — it’s about a small family from Texas who comes to terms with the accidental death of their matriarch during her secret meeting with a younger, married neighbor. It’s filled with fun gay characters and humor that makes it a well-loved movie, especially by the LGBTQIA+ community. Plus, starring big names like Leslie Jordan, Olivia Newton-John, Delta Burke, Beau Bridges, and Rue McClanahan. 

The award-winning stage play is a hit, too. “It’s also been performed by nearly every local theatre on a regular basis for over 20 years,” said Daniel Everhart.

What Shores had to say

Shores, a huge advocate for the LGBTQIA+ community, is so excited to share the film he wrote, produced, and directed. “‘Sordid Lives’ started as a play in a tiny theatre in Hollywood with Ann Walker, Rosemary Alexander, and Newell Alexander starring in that original production 22 years ago, so for this night to benefit Lexington Live Community Theatre, along with an organization near and dear to my heart, PFLAG Lexington, makes me so happy,” he said. “My favorite audiences are in the South because I never have to explain why Latrelle lifts up and looks at the bottom of that pie!”

This fundraiser was a huge deal. We’re thrilled it could be held in North Carolina and hope you were able to attend!

View photos 

You can view photos from the event here


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