My Truth About Transition

My Truth About Transition-2

Transition to a new city is definitely challenging, but the results can be quite fruitful at the same time. Life has been extremely busy the last few months as I wound up relocating from Greenville to Raleigh, North Carolina, because I had gotten so uncomfortable in Greenville that I felt compelled to start anew. There were some difficulties with transferring my job that I almost became discouraged and gave up, but my inner fighter would not allow this and so I kept pressing. The reward was the fresh start in a new city and a new location for both of my jobs. Of course, there is always some fear with change, but I can honestly say my entire mindset and joyance level has grown expeditiously whereas previously I was weary and solemn in my soul. Everyone in my inner circle has noticed a change in how I am much happier. I know for a fact it was due to having a change of scenery. 

I lived 12 years in Greenville because, to be honest, I grew complacent. I kept finding work after I finished my degrees in healthcare administration and each job was a step up from the last. I also did not think I could afford to live in a larger city because the cost of living is pricey, and the thought of being in a more crowded area did not appeal to me. I am from a small town, and if anyone is familiar with Greenville, it is a good mixture of rural and city life. However, the reality is that the cost of living is increasing no matter where you reside. Also, what is more costly than anything is continuing to live in a city that did not feel like home anymore. Raleigh/Durham is crowded and the traffic is a bit much at times, but I have readjusted my mindset. I have learned to take my time and leave earlier so the traffic does not create unwanted anxiety about getting to my destination on time. 

The concept of taking my time and staying in my own lane is something I have applied to daily life. I have learned not to rush anything, and eventually, you will arrive where you need to be. I mention this because the hustle and bustle of the city can create this mindset to focus on the drivers in the other lanes. Maybe their cars are luxurious, and it appears their entire lives match their vehicles. They are married, have children, have nice homes, etc. It is easy to yearn for what someone else has and neglect your own accomplishments, but please stay in your lane. You don’t know the sacrifice and hard work someone put into what he or she has, and on the flip side, we also have to be cognizant that what people portray may not always be an accurate depiction of what really goes on in their lives. 

At the moment, I am choosing joy over anything and focusing again on myself. Thankfully, everything I am investing my energy into aligns with my life’s purpose. I work for a call center, and I also work some weekends at a nonprofit organization. Both jobs allow me to walk in my purpose of assisting others, and for this, I am grateful. However, working two jobs has been challenging because I relocated and went straight to work with no downtime. I was also healing from severed ties. Prior to relocating, some friendships expired, and that caused grievance for me. In the long run, it was a blessing and the friendships needed to end because the season had run its course. That being said, I have been more conscientious about taking time to rest and practice self-care throughout the day. Self-care looks different depending on the need- sometimes it means organizing my space. Other days (which I try to practice regularly), it’s eating healthy and working out. Sometimes, self-care can be prayer/meditation. 

This journey is not the end of the road for me; I am always looking for ways to grow and better myself, which has been the entire point of moving. For anyone reading who is struggling and feeling uncomfortable in their current environment, I encourage you to change your settings. Think of yourself as a plant, when plants outgrow their pots, they have to be replanted in new pots that allow them to continue to flourish and reach their fullest potential. Sometimes, all it takes is being replanted.


Jasmin Ikard resides in the RDU area.


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