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Katrina Chanel

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Since the global pandemic of Covid-19, there have been inspirational posts online about this being a time for rediscovering yourself, taking time for the things that matter to you, starting a new business venture, or simply getting your linen closet reorganized. However, the journey of self-discovery can be one of many twists and turns in life. Amazon Best-Selling Author & Entrepreneur Katrina Chanel knows all too well about this and she’s focused on empowering others on how to navigate life’s obstacle course with her BECOME H.E.R. Speakers Series. 

On June 5th, the “BECOME H.E.R. Speakers Series : Finding H.E.R. Beyond COVID” will feature guest host Crystal E. Taylor, special guest speakers, a one-of-the-kind musical performance by Tish “Songbird”, signature crafted cocktails by A Glass Above, and delicious bites by Full Street Wings Cafe. Katrina Chanel seeks to not only empower those that attend her speaker’s series but hopes to inspire people to discover their own dreams. To provide safety protocols for the event, attendees will be asked to wear face masks and social distancing will be in effective. The venue space, Provident 1898, provides a spacious area for attendees to be able to network, enjoy entertainment, and in compliance with COVID-19 safety guidelines.

Learn more about this amazing event and ticket information on Discover Durham’s website.

I had a chance to chat with Katrina Chanel about her upcoming event and what inspires her for her own journey of self-discovery. As a wife and mother with a “serial entrepreneur” spirit, Katrina Chanel, is focused on supporting her community and making a lasting impact with her brand. She strives to provide attendees an authentic experience at her events where they will have clear guidelines for their own goals. This is made possible by collaborating with dynamic speakers from across North Carolina to offer a diverse perspective. 


  1. In the midst of Covid-19, what was your inspiration to create the ” BECOME H.E.R.: Finding H.E.R. Beyond COVID” event?

Thanks so much for having me! After spending a year in quarantine, I began to notice the emotional toll that the pandemic had toke on my community and those close to me. There are so many individuals who are seeking to rebuild and find their way post-COVID and do not have the resources they need. My goal this year, is to provide a platform to open up the conversation to provide hope to our small business owners, our communities, and beyond. 


  1. In your own journey of self-discovery, what is something you learned about yourself since Covid-19? 

The main lesson that I learned during COVID-19 is the importance of self-care and acknowledging mental health disparities. As a military veteran that suffers from Complex PTSD, I was forced to face the reality that I am not like most people and that the same level of care that others need may not always apply to me. That was the hardest part for me. And now more than ever, the minority community needs to embrace therapy as a viable option for care and it doesn’t make you crazy, it makes you human.


  1. What can attendees expect by attending the “BECOME H.E.R. : Finding H.E.R. Beyond COVID” event?

Attendees can expect the highest quality of care and safety but most importantly they can expect an informative session geared towards providing tools and strategies to thrive beyond COVID. Our brand seeks to be a staple in our community that provides our target audience with resources that can crossover long after the event is over. It’s great to have a good time, hear testimonies of triumph, and providing guests with all the things entertainment but how are we impacting our community over time? I want to give my guests seeds that can be re-planted once our time together is over so they can impact others. 

Katrina Chanel has been focused on providing platforms for other speakers to share their professional and personal experiences. She has set the tone for attendees to leave with real life tips and tools to assist them with their own personal goals. It takes tenacity, will power, and confidence in oneself to be open to learning something new about yourself. The journey may appear challenging at times and unimaginable in an instance. However, the pathway to self-discovery is not limited to one direction on life’s roadmap. One may find themselves taking opposite pathways to a goal they never expected. 


Therefore, my question for you is, are you ready to BECOME H.E.R.? 

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Katrina Chanel Fordham Burruss is a devoted wife, mother of two amazing sons, US Air Force military veteran, a public health clinic manager, doctoral student at Nova Southeastern University, member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., entrepreneur, and best-selling author. The BECOME H.E.R. Speakers Series is an initiative she created to empower men and women on how to become the best version of themselves. 




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