COVID-19’s Impact on the N.C. Arts Community

Lisa De Novo

In times of crisis, we turn to the arts. Now the arts is in crisis.

Charlotte based singer-songwriter Lisa De Novo talks about how artists are making it through the COVID-19 shutdowns in her recorded interview for Women AdvaNCe which was funded by the North Carolina Justice Center. From creatives to concert venue workers — entertainment income makes up around 4 percent of the nation’s employment, according to the Brookings report by Richard Florida and Michael Seman.

Thank you to Lisa, who shared that she estimates a loss of $17,000 during the pandemic in 2020. Between pivoting to virtual events and receiving grants from funders like Music Cares (, she was able to get by, however it took quite a while to figure out the best practices.

With coronavirus cases climbing – the only thing guaranteed is that artists like Lisa will turn to creativity to deepen their income. Support your local artists!

You can support Lisa’s store:

You can also support Lisa by booking online lessons for voice, guitar or ukulele:


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