Happy Earth Day!

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Happy Earth Day! This year we celebrate the landmark 50th anniversary of the establishment of the holiday. Interesting enough, this year we will celebrate much differently than in years past. There unfortunately are no Earth Day events you can really attend in person, but just because you must maintain social distancing, doesn’t mean you can’t go outside. 

Here are a few activities you can do this week to celebrate the holiday:


Make plans for a garden

Farming in its current structure is not sustainable. The best way to ensure you have access to nutritious food, is to grow it yourself! Not sure where to start? There are many online platforms like Pinterest or Instagram that can help give you inspiration no matter the amount of space you have to work with. Concerned about gmo seeds or mass produced seeds? Check out the seed selection from the Alliance of Native Seedkeepers, an indigenous owned group from NC/VA that offer healthy seeds, that are hand packaged with love and shipped to your door! 

Go for a solo walk

Before Covid, did we really pay attention to our surroundings? Just because you have lived in an area for an extended period, doesn’t mean you know it well! It’s like always being the driver, and when you’re finally the passenger you just notice more about your surroundings. Going for a walk without headphones or distractions is the best way to really take in the environment.

Identify the types of birds in your area

No matter where you are, you almost always have our aviary friends flying above. Taking a moment to really investigate these creatures can be relaxing and worthwhile. On a walk one day, I discovered something I had never seen before, a tan cardinal! Our state bird is the red cardinal, however I wasn’t aware they have other colors. I’ve been able to spot many hawks, an owl in diving mode, ravens arguing with each other, and I have to bring up the time an eagle landed in front of my car on the road. 

We hope during this time you stay safe, and take care of your emotional and mental health. While many activities are offered online and can be a great way to learn more, I really urge you to spend time outdoors.

Ericka Faircloth (Nicki) is a writer, videographer, and a Co-Director of Women Advance

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