Global Warming Mood Swings

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The weather is noticeably warmer at peculiar times lately and global warming has been an issue for many years. The umpteenth ways the planet is affected by what humans do is also a reflection of the moods we have. Littering is a problem affecting the planet but humans can be more mindful and put trash in proper receptacles. Other issues, including air pollution, will take more effort because so many toxins escape into the air from vehicles, fireplaces, factories, even cigarettes. Everything in life has a consequence, and actions are necessary when the consequence is detrimental. With many aspects in life, it is unfortunate people do not think about what happens later. 

If someone carelessly tosses out a fast food cup from their car window because they don’t want the trash, trashing and negatively affecting the planet is likely not what is on their mind. With the endless amount of recycling bins and trash cans placed in a variety of locations, there’s still a lack of patience in disposing trash the right way. Instead of waiting to dispose of unwanted items, some people dump trash on the street as if this planet is a garbage can. 

The weather affects our moods by how bright or dim the sky looks, and how cool or warm the air feels. The mood swings of the weather the past few years have had a tremendous effect on people. People have seasonal emotions and daily emotions depending on the weather that day. Everyone has different emotions for different weather. Some may feel sad because it’s raining. When it is raining, the sky dims and fills with dark clouds! Depending on how hard it is raining, some people prefer to avoid being outside and stay in the comfort of their homes. Then there are those who love the rain and consider it to be relaxing rather than sad. The sound the rain makes can give people a calm feeling, which may even put them to sleep. Then there are always those who love being outside in the rain.

Learning about the four seasons as a child, there is an expectation and a reassurance that certain changes in the weather will happen at certain times. Global warming has shifted what humans are used to, particularly in North Carolina. Here we have a sense of what the weather should be, but it has been pretty much unpredictable. In the seasons when people should be bundled up with heavy coats, they can walk out of the house without one. It seems odd to not wear a coat around this wintry time of year because we know what season and what day it is, but it would be unnecessary to follow seasonal wardrobe habits because temps are warm. One day it will feel like winter, but then the next day, it will feel like a summer day. This can confuse our emotions! 

Recycling and throwing away trash could be considered good deeds. However, if people get caught littering, there is a fine that has to be paid. There are many problems in this world and one thing we can do individually is stop littering. That individual decision and effort will affect the planet with the collective effort of keeping the Earth clean. Stopping the thoughtless habit of littering will obviously not fix global warming, but it is a step in the right direction and will have a huge, positive impact. There are other problems that are not as easy to fix, like global warming, but stopping a bad habit of littering would make a difference. 

The things that are dumped on streets end up in oceans, parks and forests. Litter causes more problems like wildlife eating it and birds becoming ensnared. Trash ends up all over, and sadly, for many it is out of sight, out of mind. When something is dumped and no longer within eyesight, you simply forget about it. However, it will likely end up in someone else’s space, and travel where it doesn’t belong. A vicious cycle is born, but all is not lost. All we must do to benefit our one-and-only planet is to create a positive cycle to help the Earth function the way it used to. 

Our emotions and how the Earth functions are connected. With the planet being hotter than it should and more frequent, violent storms, this change also affects us emotionally. The planet and our emotions were accustomed to being in a certain flow, and now they are disturbed by toxic waste and pollution. Just like we have to take care of our cars, homes, and bodies to function properly, we must do the same for the planet. If we do not, our home will deteriorate and harm the water, air, animals, plants we need to survive. A clean and nicely balanced environment is necessary to function on this planet, and is what’s required for a healthy expression of our emotions. Whatever contaminates the natural flow of the Earth, which affects the planet and the humans on it, should be stopped. Let’s all pitch in to make a difference.

Baleigh Johnson has a degree in Journalism Mass Communication from North Carolina Central University. She has experience in editing, writing, and coming up with creative ideas for stories and projects.

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