Call for Paid Leave and Workplace Stories for September and October of 2019


Diverse women’s voices matter, but often we find ourselves absent from the table where our perspectives could make the most difference.  Women are not a homogeneous group, but experiences and history have often dealt us a few similar cards in addition to our varied individual ones.   It is an unfortunate fact that tables seem to be getting smaller and invitations for us are getting fewer and farther between.

Women AdvaNCe is invested in opening new tables even as we are fighting for chairs at existing tables.  Our July 2019 #mybodync reproductive rights campaign was an effort to lift our voices in North Carolina even though our representation in state government is not balanced and equitable.  Our social media results included an overall 10% engagement by our Facebook reach, 18% engagement on our personal abortion stories, an addition of almost 150 newsletter subscribers and an exponentially increased Google search engine optimization through our hashtag utilization. Our one minute and 30 second video, brought to life by New Southern Films and Polly Schattel enjoyed over 7 hours of viewing on Facebook alone.  We want to add to that success in other areas where women’s voices are unique and powerful, but seem to live at the fringes and in the background.

In September and October of 2019, Women AdvaNCe, in partnership with the North Carolina Justice Center will be publishing stories on family leave and workplace issues.  We’d love to include your story about issues that affect women and their families in regards to work-life balance, maternity and paternity leave, Family and Medical Leave Act issues, motherhood and work, sexual orientation, discrimination in hiring and promotions, sickness and sick time allowances, living wages and paid time off as well as sexual and gender harassment.  Women are significant contributors to North Carolina’s economy and Women AdvaNCe is creating a space for the next couple of months to find storytellers and advocates for what women and families need from businesses and employers in our state in order to be full and productive participants in North Carolina’s financial success.

I am sure all of you have a story that needs to be told.  

Take a seat at the table Women AdvaNCe is setting and lift your voice.  Story submissions can be sent by anyone living in North Carolina to  Women Advance provides editing for your completed article and process coaching if needed along the way.  Please include a simple headshot or selfie and a two to three sentence introduction of yourself for our readers to be included with your byline at the close of your article.  Women AdvaNCe pays $45 per original published piece.

Along with all of our individual voices, Women AdvaNCe has commissioned family leave focused policy pieces from journalist, Stephanie Carson that will run during our two-month campaign.  We are confident that a multi-layered approach including both individual women’s stories and professional policy pieces will solidify our place at the table. Join us and let’s make our voices heard around the state once again.  Be a storyteller for change.

We look forward to hearing from you!!!

Women AdvaNCe Leadership Team

Nicki Faircloth, Jo DeLosSantos, Antionette Kerr

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