Our Gift to 2018


At a time when consumerism is king, we’re looking beyond the Hatch Animals and Amazon Dots and thinking about much more valuable commodities at Women AdvaNCe. We’ve all survived a year some of us didn’t know how we would in a shifting and surprising political landscape. Rome hasn’t burned (yet), and the testing of our beliefs and perseverance has born marches, political candidates, entrepreneurs, sisterhood and a fire in our bellies.

So this month at Women AdvaNCe we’re asking, what is our gift to 2018? How can we continue advancing the change? How can we ensure our children’s education is protected and advanced? How can we maintain our access to health coverage and women’s care?

The answer can be found in a mantra that’s been on our tongues, and for some of us tattooed on our bodies this year – “Nevertheless She Persists.”

We must persist. We cannot let up. We must take the civic engagement that 2017 gave birth to and multiply it 10-fold. We’re on the Eve of an election year and the calls we’ve made for “never again” and “no more” and “me too” must be translated to battle cries supported by the figurative weapons of our actions.

Today, take the time to ask yourself – what is your gift to 2018? Go beyond personal promises of a more organized basement, or seeing 10 pounds less on the scale. How can we make next year better for ourselves, our children and our future generations?

We’d love to hear from you? What are your ideas and thoughts? How can we at Women AdvaNCe support you?

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