Diversity Within the Women’s Movement

If you feel the warmth of good nature, aspiration, fire, goals, love and good vibes radiating from Bennett College in Greensboro this Monday morning it is not your imagination. Magic happened there on Saturday. Women from across the state, representing a wealth of cultures, backgrounds, beliefs, and ages gathered for a meeting of the minds.

Women AdvaNCe hosted their Fourth Annual NC Women’s Summit this weekend and what transpired can only be described as monumental. We will be sharing more of the ideas discussed in future pieces, but what resonated with many of us there is the sheer diversity of the room. We all came together, proudly wearing and being who we are and coming together for a common goal of “thriving through change.”

And thrive we are. We learned more about the issues facing our state and our country. We shared ideas about how we are working towards solutions. We cultivated plans to lift up women who aspire to lead in public office. We imparted tools on others who want to enact change behind the scenes.

And through it all, the most consistent comment I heard (other than WOW!) – was “look at this room. We are all so different. We look different. Some have little money, some have a lot and yet we’re all spending the day together, laughing, crying, sharing, singing, and embracing.”

This month at Women AdvaNCe we are focusing on “diversity within the women’s movement.” I must admit, when we planned for the theme several months ago, I never realized how apropo it would be. After Saturday, there is no doubt of our diversity, nor the mystical power it generates.

In a time when our country seems so divided, we as women need to show how uniting is done. We are capable of it. We love deeply. We create life and know how to sustain it. We have the key to moving past this hiccup in our social history.

The power is ours and we must take it. We are better than this. Join us this month in learning about the wealth of facets in the women’s movement. Find out how you can participate and celebrate what we can offer to those around us.

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