This Month Put Yourself First


>>8208217346_e0e73aa73e_zConfession time. Every year, I have basically the same resolutions. Lose weight, organize my entire house, organize my entire life and pay off any credit card debt. Every year I accomplish some or all of those, but just like the game whack-a-mole, pounds sneak on, dollars get spent, and that cleaned out junk drawer becomes a catch-all again.

This month, our team of writers and guest authors are focusing on self improvement. We want to go beyond just “tips to lose your holiday pounds” – and expand to topics about financial health, personal well being, and expanding our horizons.

In my life, an overriding reason I abandon any New Year’s Resolutions I’ve made, is because life gets in the way. Kids come first. My husband needs help. I often get the leftovers. Honestly, I have no one to blame but myself for that. My daily routine is to check all the things off my to do list for other people, and then I get the sloppy seconds. You can guess what happens. Often those sloppy seconds are just seconds and not minutes, and I get short changed again.

What I have found is that when I put myself first, when I go to the gym even when I know it means my kids will have to entertain themselves after school because my workday will stretch beyond their school day – I’m a better person. I’m a better mom and wife and human. When I take the time to be in a play, or take a soap-making class, or go for a walk, I have more pep in my step.

Putting yourself takes courage and trust. You’re trusting that no one will judge you. You’re trusting that others will pick up the slack. You’re trusting that Rome will not burn. (BTW, it won’t, I’ve tested it.)

This month we challenge you to reach out to your network and support each other. Swap off on kid care so you can go to the gym. Encourage a friend to do something just for her. Be understanding if a woman in your life doesn’t meet the deadline. We’re all on the same team, fighting the fight for a win. Let’s spend 2017 acting like it.


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