A Fond Farewell to Kim-Marie



At Women AdvaNCe, we spend every day working to advance issues relevant to women in North Carolina. For the last four years, our writers have documented topics from the Affordable Care Act to Amendment One. These diverse and complex issues have been united through the quiet, unflagging leadership of Executive Director Kim-Marie McLellan.

Kim-Marie is moving on to a full-time job as Acting Director of Lillians’ List, an organization dedicated to finding, training, and electing pro-choice progressive women to the NC General Assembly and counsel of state. While we will miss Kim terribly, we know Lillian’s List will t hrive under her leadership. Women AdvaNCe founder Laura Edwards shares her thoughts:

Kim Marie McLellan engages in her wo rk with deep passion and steely- eyed determination. Women AdvaNCe has benefited from four years of her leadership and drive. With her indefatigable sense of purpose, she methodically shepherded Women AdvaNCe from idea to a bona fide organization and has created a strong foundation for others to build upon. When you launch something, you hope and pray for success. Today , we ar e enjoying that success due to her relentless desire to bring all of her passions and connections together to ensure that Women AdvaNCe is stepping forward on good footing. Kim is now marching forward in another direction as Executive Director of Lillian’s List. As outgoing Executive Director of Women AdvaNCe, you can be sure that the groundwork that has been laid will fortify and sustain the next stage in the life of this vital organization.

We want to wish her the best of luck and offer our heartfelt thanks for her leadership over these past four years. We are delighted to welcome our new Executive Director Naomi A. Randolph. Her exemplary organizational skills working with local, statewide, and national organizations will be essential in ushering in a new era for Women AdvaNCe. In these era we will strengthen our programs and extend our reach to many more women across North Carolina. We look forward to engaging the greater progressive community to bring about a better future for North Carolina women and their families. 


— Laura Edwards,  Founder & Chair, Women AdvaNCe


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