Suriving Snowpocalypse


>>8457557891_502fed3843_kIn North Carolina, winter means one of two things:

  1. Short sleeves, sunny weather, and confused people talking about the unseasonable warmth;
  2. Ice, freezing rain, closed schools and confused people talking about the unseasonable cold.

Since the weather this week is trending toward the second option, chances are you are holeing up at home and trying to stay warm and/or sane in the face of a possible snowpocalypse. It might be tempting to go into a full-on Netflix coma, but maybe this is a good time to try something new.

A few suggestions:

Hygge: This is the Danish concept of coziness. But it’s more than just a feather duvet and a glass of wine. During the cold winter months Danish people create a warm atmosphere and invite their friends and loved ones to pass away the dark winter days. Good conversation, shared food, and a lovely atmosphere with candles and good music all contribute to a feeling of hygge. Why not invite over some neighbors for board games or discussion while you watch the snow come down?

Research: If the power’s still on, skip the Parks and Rec marathon and take to the internet. Our political climate is crazy right now. It’s an election year for national races as well as local ones. This is a great time to get acquainted with the platforms of your city council candidates or your Presidential primary contenders.

Donate: If you have the money to spend, by all means send a few bucks to your favorite charity. One great strategy is picking a few underdogs and sending small donations to each. A good place to start could be looking through your friends’ social media to see what organizations they are shouting about. But even if you don’t have any spare cash, you can donate time, energy, or a platform for your favorite cause. Some organizations let you phone bank from home, while others need you to help extend their reach. If you have one hour to spare, spend it finding a way to give back.

Care/self care: Winter is a difficult time for so many people. The isolation of cold weather combined with the short days causes depression and loneliness for a giant portion of the population. If you are stuck at home, reach out to a friend you haven’t talked to in a while. Have a phone chat about the ephemera of daily life, or– road conditions permitting– stop in for a hot beverage and some companionship. Also spend time taking care of yourself. Soak in a hot bath and update your pedicure. Or organize your mason jar cabinet. Whatever it is that makes you feel good– now is a great time to indulge.

Survive: If you have kids and they are home from school, now is not the time to stick to your high-fallutin’ parenting principles. Give in to requests for TV and hot chocolate. If the kids want to make cookies, why not go for it? If they want to fill the sink with food color, corn starch, and olive oil, ask yourself, “why not?” Snow/ice days are time for survival. Give in, go with the flow, and reap the rewards.

What are you doing to deal with the winter weather? Do you have any tried and true tricks to deal with cabin fever? Share with us in comments.

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  1. Rachael Wooten

    Meditate. Write. Clean up my home office a bit. Iron! Can you believe someone actually still does that? Stay in touch with friends. Take a look at old lists and see what might have fallen through the cracks and take care of a few things.

    In other words, catch up with what gets left behind in busy weeks of work and life.
    but at a slow pace, a pace that feels like this is what I want to do, not rushing around, but simply caring for life itself.

    Last but by no means least, keep the bird feeders full! and the cat bowls too.
    and feel intensely grateful for having heat, as long as that lasts. sending out a beam of light and care for those who don’t.

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