Working Women Lose $800,000 In Their Lifetimes

The Status of Women in the States reveals some shocking stats about women in the U.S. and in North Carolina:

  • In nearly half of all states and the District of Columbia, women’s economic status has either worsened or remained unchanged in the last decade.
  • If current trends in narrowing the pay gap in the states continue, the year when women in the United States will achieve equal pay is 2058, but new projections for each state find this date is much further out in the future for women in many parts of the country. Five states—West Virginia, Utah, Louisiana, North Dakota, and Wyoming—will not see equal pay until the next century. 
  • A typical working woman loses $530,000 over her lifetime due to the wage gap. The losses are greater for women with higher levels of education. By the time a college-educated working woman turns 59, she will have lost almost $800,000.

The report uncovered the following stats about women in NC:

>>Facts about women in NC 2015

Read the full report >>here.

This information was cross-posted with permission from the Institute for Women’s Public Policy Research. 


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