Survey: How Do We Improve Education in NC?

>>Cropped student raising handEveryone agrees that North Carolina can and should be a national leader in education, but with declining national and international rankings, we have a lot of work ahead of us if we are to achieve that goal.

Business for Educational Success and Transformation NC (>>BEST NC), a nonpartisan nonprofit, has convened a series of meetings with 300+ education stakeholders — including officials from the NC House, Senate, State Board of Education, and the Governor and Lt Governor’s Office; University and Community College presidents; NC Teachers of the Year; practicing principals and superintendents; and non-profit, philanthropic leaders from across the state. These 300 stakeholders made a list of 600+ recommendations of how we can improve education in NC. BEST NC is excited to share the result of this hard work—the >>North Carolina Education Vision.

What is clear from all of these conversations is that North Carolina is uniquely positioned to have the best education system in the nation and BEST NC plans to reach that goal by 2030. To achieve this ambitious but achievable goal, the plan offers a full set of recommendations that are synthesized in three overarching strategies:

  1.  Support Students: Early, Often and Comprehensively
  2. Elevate Educators: Top Talent Preparing Top Talent
  3. Raise Expectations: Leading the Next Generation of Learning

BEST NC is now looking for feedback on this draft Vision and further help to refine the Vision. You can have a voice in the following ways:

1)      Sharing the discussion draft with other people via >>

2)      Sharing suggestions, comments, and questions through a >>short survey.

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