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>>Leah and Melinda AbramsUsing social media to make a difference.      Even though I strive to limit my daily use of technology, it sure makes life easier. With a quick scroll or swipe, you can buy a gift, pay a bill, or text a friend.  Now, you can even >>register to vote over the internet. Technology allows North Carolina women to share ideas, build community, and take action together.

Melinda and Leah Abrams are a Triangle-based mom and daughter duo who are using screen time to create change. “We raised over $12,000 in one week for teachers at our middle school,” said Melinda. “Social media made it possible for us to involve the whole community.” Melinda thinks social media can be an effective tool to help our friends and neighbors get to the ballot box on Election Day. That’s one of the many reasons she and Leah first connected with Women AdvaNCe.

“We are excited to help out with the Vote Together 2014 pledge drive effort,” said Melinda. Aside from sharing articles and pledge card links via Facebook and Twitter, the Abrams’ are brainstorming ideas for hosting a Vote Together 2014 pledge drive to help more women in their community get connected.

Using social media to communicate is especially important for young women like Leah. Today’s High School students are super tech-savvy, and Leah has many friends who are (or soon will be) new voters. They may not know that a 17-year-old who will turn 18 before November 4th, 2014, can >>register now and vote in both the primary and general elections.

It’s important to get the word out to voters about how to get registered, and to make sure they get >>important dates on the calendar– like the fast-approaching April 11th registration deadline for voting in the May 6th primary.  Melinda and Leah will both be utilizing their online connections to help everyone on their contact lists understand the importance of upcoming elections in North Carolina.

“There are just too many issues at stake in North Carolina today,” said Melinda. “Women’s right to choose, voting, education, freedom of religion… I can’t pick just one.” Together, she and Leah will do their part to encourage NC women to prioritize voting day and help everyone stay informed about what’s going on in our state. Women AdvaNCe is proud to have their help rallying the NC women’s vote in 2014. With so many of you around our great state working to engage more women, we’re creating momentum that can result in real change in North Carolina.

How can you ramp up your tech-savvy to create change? Encourage your friends to:

  1. >>Sign up for e-mail updates from Women AdvaNCe.
  2. “Like” the Women AdvaNCe >>Facebook Page and share our posts.
  3. “Follow” Women AdvaNCe on >>Twitter and retweet our feed.
  4. Offer your own opinion on social media. Let your friends know why you’re prioritizing voting in 2014 and why you follow Women AdvaNCe.

If you’re not confident in your social media skills or want to listen in to make sure you’re making the most of your online networking, stay tuned for an upcoming webinar focused on honing those skills… 

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