If you Want Something Done, Ask a Woman Like Simone Hawks

>>Simone HawksIf you want something done, ask a busy person. That saying rings true for women across North Carolina who are holding up their communities by juggling volunteer roles along with a lengthy list of other personal and career responsibilities.

Among them is Greensboro’s Simone Hawks, a North Carolina A&T graduate who works in the financial industry and holds a second, part-time job as well.  Simone is adding one more task to her list this month: asking women in her community to make the pledge to >>Vote Together in 2014 with Women AdvaNCe.

Election Day is months away, but women are already talking about voting for many reasons. For Simone, it’s because North Carolina leaders are making decisions that hurt women and their families. “What’s going on in our state doesn’t make any sense,” says Simone, who is frustrated with the lack of funding for public schools and the tax changes our state recently made.  “They’re putting more burden on hard-working people and that’s just not right.”

Despite her busy schedule, Simone is getting involved to help rally the women’s vote so that 2014 can be a year of change for North Carolina.  She will be printing >>pledge cards to share with her early-morning running group and with friends and acquaintances at her hairdresser’s shop.  Simone also plans to share the >>on-line pledge card with friends in other areas who will want to be part of this statewide community of women who are prioritizing progress together.  Women who make the pledge will receive voting reminders and other information to help them stay informed about issues they care about.

Think about opportunities you can find for sharing >>Vote Together 2014 pledge cards with women in your community.  Join Simone and women across this state who care about North Carolina’s future.  Like Simone says, “We can’t just talk about change.  If we want to move this state forward, we have to put our heels to the ground and create it.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

Are you hosting a >>Vote Together 2014 pledge drive in your community?  Women AdvaNCe will be sharing stories from different regions of our state where women are working to rally the women’s vote.  Share your stories with us and help inspire others to get involved!

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