Team Up with Women AdvaNCe

>>Start Yours Today graphicThere is strength in our numbers.  That is the driving force behind the statewide AdvaNCe Team effort at Women AdvaNCe.  Women make up 54% of voters in North Carolina.  Together, we can make a difference.  Rally your team now and be ready in early January as our 2014 plans are announced!


 Your AdvaNCe Team is your core group of friends who are interested in helping Women AdvaNCe build a community of informed women voters across North Carolina.  Your team can choose from different opportunities to take action throughout the year.  Women AdvaNCe will provide AdvaNCe Teams with the information and tools you need to join in on coordinated, statewide activities with so many other NC women working together for progress.


1. Begin by making your list of like-minded friends.  For an even faster start, form your team around an existing social group like a book club or scrapbooking club.  This >>Advance Team Starter Kit is full of information to help you pull together interested friends and neighbors.

2. Once you have identified your go-to girls, have everyone on your team SIGN UP. Women AdvaNCe will be following the great work that all of our teams are doing throughout the state.  We will send you regular AdvaNCe Team updates to help you realize the impact of the actions we are all taking.  Be sure to snap a photo of your team and share it with us.  You might end up on the Women AdvaNCe Facebook Page!


Let’s face it, your to-do list is already overloaded.  You want to help, but your time is limited.  Women AdvaNCe will be offering a variety of coordinated, statewide activities throughout 2014.  Your team can select the activities that best meet your needs, knowing that thousands of women across the state are also paying attention and staying engaged.  By working together, your smaller efforts can be multiplied into big change for North Carolina.  That’s just too good to pass up.


It is a critical time to stay connected, informed and engaged in our state.  Women have the numbers to be changemakers in North Carolina.  Let’s do it!  Join Women AdvaNCe in rallying women across our state to start their own >>AdvaNCe Teams.

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