Sexual Assault in the Military: Still a National Disgrace

>>De. Amy TiemannBY DR. AMY TIEMANN      The issue of sexual assault in the military is a national disgrace, and today the news spotlight is shining on this issue.

The >>Pentagon is preparing to release an annual report about sexual misconduct in the military, which tells the results of a survey of military personnel that found that incidences of “unwanted sexual contact” were up by 33% in the past two years, from 19,300 to 26,000 now. Whether this increase can be in any way attributed to an increase in reporting, rather than an increase in sex crimes, is unknown, but what is known is that it is a huge problem. The treatment of soldiers reporting rapes and assaults has been abysmal, and:

Military officials said they are concerned that most troops may be reluctant to press charges or formally report sexual assault to authorities. The Pentagon recorded 3,374 sexual assault reports last year, compared with 3,192 in 2011, according to a separate report made public Tuesday.

Meanwhile, lawmakers singled out the Air Force on Tuesday for its botched handling of sex crimes, expressing incredulity that an officer in charge of the service’s sexual assault prevention efforts had been arrested for sexual battery of a civilian.

In related news, the >>Air Force’s Sexual Assault Prevention Officer has been charged with sexual battery.

There are brave service members fighting back for fair treatment. The Rolling Stone article “The Rape of Petty Officer Blumer” is a good place to start reading. The more you read, the angrier you’ll likely feel, starting with the story of Petty Officer 2nd Class Rebecca Blumer. After she was drugged and raped by three Army guys, she ended up being jailed and charged with driving under the influence!

Can you imagine, when soldiers enlist to defend our country, the last danger they should have to worry about is being raped by fellow American service members. Instead, one victim reported in the Rolling Stone article, “It’s like everyone gets raped…the military’s like a big rape cult.”

For more stories and >>opportunities to take action, visit the website for the award-winning documentary, “The Invisible War.”

One final glimmer of hope to leave you with:

>>Senators Denounce Military Rape as Victims Testify at Capitol Hill Hearing
by Miranda Green Mar 14, 2013, The Daily Beast
With moving testimony from victims who said sexual assault was treated as a joke, Kirsten Gillibrand and other lawmakers confronted military officials on Wednesday.

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