Get Ready to Rumble, Raleigh!

>>LuchadorasGet Ready to Rumble, Raleigh!

North Carolina’s working families have new champions – >>the Luchadoras of Durham!

Today, these masked female wrestlers are joining forces with organizations in North Carolina who fight for women and families to stop the >>Great Tax Shift – the effort currently underway to increase taxes on working families in order to cut taxes for the rich and corporations.

Bear in mind that North Carolina’s tax system is already a burden for most families. The less money you make, the greater the share of your income you pay in state and local taxes.

And now, the General Assembly wants to make the situation much, much worse. For example, the state House has already voted to >>reduce the state Earned Income Tax Credit immediately and end it at the end of the year. The credit provides more than 900,000 low-income households with an average of $116.

On the flip side, the House Finance Committee voted to end the state estate tax, which only 23 estates paid last year. Ending it would cost North Carolina $52 million in revenue.

Plus, leaders in the Senate want to eliminate or significantly cut the personal income tax – which would mean an enormous tax cut for the wealthiest people in the state. But the money for schools and health care and roads and the courts system will have to come from somewhere. Most likely, lawmakers will increase the state sales tax, which would be >>a huge tax increase for working families like yours and mine.

That’s why >>the Luchadoras are taking a stand!

“From Jones Street to Capitol Hill, too many politicians have forgotten who they’re supposed to be fighting for,” says masked female wrestler, Juicy Buns, with the Luchadoras of Durham. “I’m ready to show them what a real Champion of the People can do.”

“The people may want a fair fight, but we don’t fight fair,” retorts The Scrambler, who has taken up the mantle as Champion of the Powerful. “I welcome the chance to remind people who pulls the strings around here.”

The news conference and weigh-in for the Fair Fight is this morning in Raleigh.

Because maybe a pile drive is what our state legislature needs.

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