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Why Patriarchy is Bad for Men

>> By Jo P. DeLos Santos, associate professor of English, communications and humanities at Davidson County Community College. I feel drawn to empty frames, especially...[Read More]

Have You Been Silenced Before?

>>The >>silencing of Senator Kamala Harris Wednesday by our own North Carolina Senator Richard Burr and Senator John McCain felt familiar to me. I’ve been there...[Read More]

Running Towards Feminism, Literally

>>By Lisa Grafstein, coordinator, Feminist 5k Like many stories of activism post-January 20, this story starts (sort of) with the Women’s March on D.C. What...[Read More]

The New Kind of Mother’s Day

>>By Beth Messersmith, MomsRising Editor’s Note: Beth was one of our contributors to our BlogTalk Radio Show yesterday. >>Click to hear more from Beth on...[Read More]

O’Reilly Factor: Kiss and Tell

>>The O’Reilly firing and his golden egg severance package has been filling my newsfeed this week. It’s not something I’ve dwelled on – I’m glad...[Read More]

Broken Promises Lead to Promise

>>Pinky-promise. My girls – and most kids – are all about promises. Do you promise we’ll go to the park tomorrow? Do you promise we...[Read More]