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My Abortion Story

What did you think the first time you heard about abortion? Even though I spent more than 30 years working for Planned Parenthood, I was...[Read More]

Black Women Rising

If you caught Oprah’s amazing speech at the Golden Globes, you might be one of those jumping on the Oprah For President bandwagon.  Regardless of...[Read More]

Meaning of Kwanzaa

No, Kwanzaa is not the Black Christmas, Black Hanukkah, or an African holiday.   Despite the popular media portrayal of Kwanzaa as simply the third...[Read More]

To My Younger Self

You were right to be mad when that creepy man from across the street felt under your shirt.   You were right to be even...[Read More]

How HB2 Hurts Straight Women

>>All the debate about HB2, North Carolina’s notorious “bathroom bill” has reminded me of something that happened years ago. You won’t be surprised to hear...[Read More]