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My Daughter’s Self Image

My first childbirth experience was one that I was determined to go as smooth as possible, but I knew to be realistic. I knew it...[Read More]

TIME’S UP: From the Bottom Up

With the advent of the #MeToo movement, the time is right to hold serious conversations not only about sexual harassment and assault but more generally...[Read More]

TIME’S UP: This Is Our Pearl

Have you ever studied how oysters function? They clamp their hard shells, lifelines inside, and slowly turn grit and other irritants from the ocean into...[Read More]

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Do You Know a #Dadvocate?

Do You Know a #Dadvocate?

It has been the Year of the Woman. We’re kicking butt in the primaries, exercising our power through the #MeToo movement and promising that come...[Read More]

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