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She’s a Dreamer

During the second semester of 2014, I received a call from a student asking specific details about our affordable housing programs. In particular, the young...[Read More]

A Tale of Two Screens

I pushed my internet speed to the max last night. I streamed the President’s State of the Union Address on my TV, while watching the...[Read More]

Trump Admin: Can You Not

By: Christina Adeleke, NC AIDS Action Network Last month, the Trump Administration made national headlines when it decided to terminate every member of the Presidential...[Read More]

The Women Behind MLK

One of the cherished memories of growing up was the imposing component system record player, radio   eight track) that took center stage in our den....[Read More]

Lines in the Sand

Last year was the year when lines were drawn in the sand. There were the Trump and Never-Trumpers, there was Black Lives Matter and Blue...[Read More]

Meaning of Kwanzaa

No, Kwanzaa is not the Black Christmas, Black Hanukkah, or an African holiday.   Despite the popular media portrayal of Kwanzaa as simply the third...[Read More]