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Raise the Age Raises the Bar

By Kristen Powers, Southern Coalition for Social Justice In 2017, after nearly 100 years, the state of North Carolina finally caught up with the rest...[Read More]

She’s a Dreamer

During the second semester of 2014, I received a call from a student asking specific details about our affordable housing programs. In particular, the young...[Read More]

A Tale of Two Screens

I pushed my internet speed to the max last night. I streamed the President’s State of the Union Address on my TV, while watching the...[Read More]

Trump Admin: Can You Not

By: Christina Adeleke, NC AIDS Action Network Last month, the Trump Administration made national headlines when it decided to terminate every member of the Presidential...[Read More]

The Women Behind MLK

One of the cherished memories of growing up was the imposing component system record player, radio   eight track) that took center stage in our den....[Read More]