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Conquering Racial Inequity

1: injustice, unfairness 2: an instance of injustice or unfairness Racial equity results when you cannot predict an outcome by race. It is quantifiable and measurable. It has happened yet...[Read More]

What Will $19 Buy You?

Good morning. All week long we at Women AdvaNCe spent some serious time thinking about YOU. This week was a doozy. Lawmakers are working to...[Read More]

Gaslighted at Summer Camp

I was gaslighted at my kids’ summer camp a few days ago. I’ve been in shock but have become numb, as we do, in order...[Read More]

Transcripts and Transactions

Why LGBT Artists Should Tell Their Own Stories By Polly Schattel   When it was announced that Scarlett Johansson had been cast to play a...[Read More]